Standard Slide Deck

Created: 2023-05-12
Last updated:2023-07-08
Status: Effective

This page provides trainers with an optional standard slide deck they can use in their courses.

Target audience

This slide deck is designed for trainers.

These slides are designed to be used with the presence and guidance of a trainer. Therefore, we don’t recommend using them for learners who want to self-study. If you’re a learner, you can read the manual instead.

Training goal

A successful training course is one that enables the participants to start using in their projects the next day and enjoy the benefits of having a structured project management system.

Training duration

This slide deck is designed for a one-day course. You can use it for courses that are a few hours shorter or longer without changing the slides, but for courses that are much shorter or much longer, you’d need to adjust the slides.

Options for trainers

Using these slides is optional; trainers can use any set of slides for their courses or have a hands-on workshop instead.

Combining with other material

This slide deck is focused on teaching and giving participants a system they can use in their projects. Some trainers have longer courses and want to add extra content (e.g., different techniques for facilitation and prioritization). In that case, we don’t recommend adding the additional content throughout the course because that would make it too complicated for the audience. Instead, we recommend teaching first and then using it as a foundation for teaching various techniques and exploring other extra content.

Usage license

This slide deck is provided with a CC0 license, meaning no rights are reserved, and the work is in the public domain. You can use, adapt, and distribute it without restriction.


This slide deck will be continuously revised based on trainers’ feedback. Therefore, it’s a good idea to download the latest version of the deck before delivering each course.


This slide deck will be improved based on the feedback from trainers such as yourself, and we’re looking forward to hearing back from you on how the slides worked in your course, what could be improved, etc. You can email us your feedback:


This slide deck is available in PDF and ODP: